Ubud: Welcome to the Jungle

… It’s a miracle: The second part is ready and we’re not in the 22nd century yet! If you’ve lost it, the first episode is here: Two Years. We’re done editing the Ubud footage: an extract of 7 minutes and a half from 4 hours of movies.…

D in the Keraton resort, Kuta

Two Years

It’s what it almost took us to produce what you’re going to see: a less-than-5-minute vid that recounts the first part of our trip to Indonesia. The delivery of our clips took quite some time, buried as they were on D’s Snow Leopard partition (which…

Translator’s Note

I’ve been collecting drafts and post-it notes on a theoretical Definitive Post on Translation for years. Just open any notebook on my shelf and you’ll find illuminated translation bollocks of all kinds. Apparently they seemed pure genius to me at the time – vital information…

For your own good

“For your own good”

In a triumph of doubts, self-censorship and uncertainties, at the tender age of 34 some sort of awareness dawned on me and I felt the need to produce the following pages at the amazing speed of half word a day.


One of those moronic days

Ever since I’ve bought my ultrawide Sigma 10-20 mm I’ve desperately wanted to do this. But now that Hair’s propagating and requiring an ever growing amount of time…

Bali book

The Great Schism and other ecumenical matters

This year, D. and I decided to gather our families and celebrate Easter all together. Please bear in mind that my family are Orthodox Christians and therefore their liturgical year follows the Julian calendar (instead of the Gregorian calendar, as with the rest of the world).

Tomatoes and ljutenitsa

22 years

For weeks on end, I’ve dreamt depressing or strange dreams about me travelling or moving out of places, and no matter how much I racked my brain I couldn’t connect these images to any experience or need.


You were born in a three-floor house with a view on an entire valley, and all the houses around it, filled with your nursemaids and their nursemaids, were yours.

We are family

Please meet, from left to right, my nazi super-ego, my barefoot ego and my subconscious. This is the most typical dream scenario: my old shrink would have rolled in this.

La Zia Rob

The Others

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is that I suffer from performance anxiety. As a matter of fact, I work at home, I rarely set foot in direct sunlight and most of the time I’m sociable like a brown bear. I’ll soon be unable to produce human sounds due to glottis atrophy.


In march, that madman, Matteo Grandi, invited me to Perugia to take a few Green pics for the April issue of Piacere Magazine. Do you want to see the online magazine? It’s here.

Has anybody seen my body?

With all the working and financial chrysis and personal epiphanies, I didn’t need it for quite some time, so I forgot where I’d put it. In retrospect, it probably went with all the lighter clothes when I changed my summer wardrobe, or was lost in…