now facebook…

… I’m starting to hate it. Not only is it so messed and confusing. Not only have I found on it people with whom I work all day and hoped I wouldn’t need to write to in the evenings. Not only have I been detected by members of my family scattered all over the world in the past twenty years and whom I had hoped to stay away from, thinking that oceans and seas would cool down relationships.
I don’t want to post on anybody’s wall, funwall, or any type of wall. I don’t want to challenge people on scrabble, reading quizzes (I suck!), movie quizzes (I’m great at them!). Why do I feel compelled to sign up to just any kind of rubbish in the universe?

Sono nata in Bulgaria e sono cresciuta in Italia. Mi occupo di traduzioni e revisioni creative, pignole e attente alla qualità per importanti clienti internazionali. Vivo in Olanda con il caro D. Lavoro con l’inglese, l’italiano, occasionalmente con il bulgaro.

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