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Disgust (this post is rated R)

What has happened to women in Italy? Half of them are nice, intelligent, creative, and honest. But what of the other half? The quintessence of sluts. For all of you who don’t feel to belong to the second category, I apologize. I’m also prepared to confront your insults, being from Eastern Europe myself – the main reservoir for cheap, underage pronstitution in the Western world. It’s simply that every now and then I stumble upon such cases and matters that quite shock me. I mean – come on, what’s going on? Do you feel comfortable in invading other people’s lives, in luring and seducing, in praizing at the right moment and sniffing for the proper track to reach somebody’s vanity and pride? In starting things right out in secrecy, so that as soon as somebody accepts a tone and a mode, they cannot go back any longer – and matters have to stay hidden and secret forever? Do you feel nice and comfortable about yourself? Do you feel proud of yourself? Have you ever imagined that things have a cause and a consequence, that there is a right and a wrong, that other people, even if absent, have hearts and souls? I feel very ashamed for you.

What has happened to men in Italy? Half of them are nice, intelligent, and honest. They make you feel like you’re special and they don’t have problems to tell you they love you. Unluckily, they also don’t have any problem in telling the appropriate words to anyone who satisfies their ego and kneels down in front of them and in front of their … but let go. Fuck you all.

“Please bleed
So I know that you are real
So I know that you can feel
The damage that you’ve done”

PS: I was also professionally slighted, today. This has been a really great week.

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