Mind and body…

… are linked together in sickness and in health in a stunning way. My smitten and disgusted mind is like my smitten and disgusted mouth – it will not simply feed on things it has always taken. The things have gathered a hue which to my eyes is sick and unhealthy and unneeded. My mind and my body, so precious and so delicate, keep vomiting – so much that just anything makes me retch: a word, a thought, a biscuit, a fruit-juice, a glance. They will violently vomit everything and never keep it. A besieged mediaeval bastion spitting pitch on anyone approaching. My soul is another matter.

Sono nata in Bulgaria e sono cresciuta in Italia. Mi occupo di traduzioni e revisioni creative, pignole e attente alla qualit√† per importanti clienti internazionali. Vivo in Olanda con il caro D. Lavoro con l’inglese, l’italiano, occasionalmente con il bulgaro.

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