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Extraordinary machine

I’ve been very lucky in my construction. I’m incredibly ecological and need very little fuel for my production process, which by the way is extremely efficient and resistant and needs only occasional maintenance interventions. It’s almost miraculous, seems that the most productive and resistant alloy of my whole genealogical tree has ended up in my branch. Such a bliss, however, is counterbalanced by a serious issue: where to find spare parts? My origins being scattered here and there around the globe, I don’t know where to start searching (Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Russia…?). This can seem a light issue, but right now, when I’m occupied in outrooting and extirpating my own organs and limbs, I’d like to know where can I find them again, one day. Any idea?

… in this deracinating activity, I’d love to learn new methods. I do it very inelegantly and violently, I’d love to acquire cleanness and perfection in the execution. I’d love to be an artist of the extirpation, to create the perfect place for a possible additional component. One day I’ll stop growing hearts and then I’ll definitely need some new.

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