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Acquiring familiarity with the self

No need to hide
No need to hide

I’m Daniela
I’m untidy
I’m qualified
I can be morose and paranoid and gloomy
I’m tragic at times
My dreams can be beautiful and terrible
I can’t make good coffee and often let my Moka melt on the kitchen stove
I can be inordinately happy
I’m dependable
I can destroy all I have for a principle
I’m coherent
I can be very pathetic
I fondly cherish my superpowers
I hate the idea of having hurt anyone else
I like being in control (but I pay it with acute gastritis)
I like losing control
I like happy people
I can give you all I have with a finger snap

A present
A present
I practice observation and can’t help offering piercing critiques
I transform and blossom under pressure
I shake when I’m nervous
I smile when I’m nervous
I’m often nervous
I’m monstrously frightened of neglect
I listen to Beethoven while I’m working
I smoke tons of cigarettes
I’m an atheist
I like giving
I’m a little troubled when it’s my turn to receive
I’m training my soul
I’m Mother Earth
I’m the Sacred Feminine personified
I’m a little girl
I’m thin-skinned and hypersensitive and get easily offended
Buttefrlies gutterflies flutterbies and bats
Buttefrlies gutterflies flutterbies and bats

I don’t like doggedness
I don’t like jealousy
I can be atrociously jealous
I can be sharply cruel
I’m fairly honest
I hate cats, mice and lies
I love taking self portraits because they’re better than mirrors
I can use forgiveness as a weapon
I’m extremely suspicious and love to linger on morbid details
I love reading aloud to somebody but am too afraid of being a pain in the ass. So I never do it, as a matter of fact.
I cry when I read books
I laugh aloud when I read books
I like drawing or taking pictures of hands
I like human feet
I bite my nails
I hate being a burden to somebody
I’m a tree that grows hearts

A tree that grows hearts
A tree that grows hearts

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