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Of the endless repetitions

In case of life, act cautiously:

Make sure you’ve applied enough stucco to the holes in your walls;
Make sure all your bruises from last year’s ski holidays have healed (hurt knees can take years to mend);
Make sure you’ve recovered your strength from all your marathons.

Just in case. You never know when and what repetitions may occur.
Repetitions are always waiting in ambush behind corners. Fantasy is limited and people don’t have nerve enough to harm you in a new way. To surprise you.

There’s also a good part. It is a marvelous opportunity for your own variations on a theme. It can become an art, you start possessing talents and are able to anticipate the full range of possibilities open to you. Like music, like maths, like a good book: after a phrase, you know perfectly well what module may follow, you can choose from a set of topoi, with the ease and lightness of an artist. You can stand beside yourself and watch how, under the same circumstances, you could have fallen in a state of cognitive obsession.

I myself have become amazing. Literally. I am swift in the resolution of equations. With a zen poise, not a drop of blood spilled. Just leave things happen, just watch them, just listen to how you want to react to them. Nothing human is unknown to me.

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