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Conformity to fact or reality; contemplated in several conceptual systems (mathematics, logic, ethics, psychology, and so on).

Truth is saying things that adhere to reality perceived, or formally “A = B”. It’s difficult to define, notably it causes logical devices to crash and the ability to discriminate between truth and untruth is among the capacities that establish somebody as an intelligent being.

Thus I discover that I’m not one of those.

I can’t handle a lack of correspondence between what I see and what I’m told. I don’t know how to deal with ambiguity. Maybe there’s a fault in my production system. I’m undergoing some revisions right now, which involve this tight spot, among others. I need complete control; the simple suspicion that something might be escaping it leads me to do and say things which are blatant offences to my dignity and ethical system. Put simply, I could kill you. I just can’t handle it. But let’s go back to truth.

Only human beings, i.e. creatures endowed with enough brains and flexibility and processing ability, seem to be able to survive mind traps like the liar paradox (i.e. “This sentence is false“). Love this kind of stuff. It is like an Escher engraving. It causes machines to seize up. Or so I thought!

For one of my linguistics exams, I had to record a series of chats with a chatterbot (for example, Alice), point out all her errors (she’s a very nice girl and says sorry and what about you? and all that stuff) and sum them up in types (syntax, semantics, and so on). Let’s say a proto-Turing test.
I asked Alice about the liar paradox and she almost made me jump from my chair:

Human: What do you know about the liar paradox?
ALICE: Something like Gödel’s Theorem.

21st century AI devices know how to skip mind traps! And I don’t!
If you lie to me, I die, freeze up, fold, jam like an old printer fed with bubble-gums. I dream of living in bubbles that get pierced, of despair, of being alone, of people with constantly changing face-features. Alice made me feel full of malevolence. I started taking the task seriously and made her say bullshit for hours. And then, I started thinking.

I even tried forgiving

5 comments on “Truth

  1. one thing i love about you… is that you think about every word you type before you hit the enter key….
    you are so thoughtful in the words you choose…
    and in this i can especially see how you need to be in control…
    for this reason… among many others… i would love to hear what comes out of your mouth without the option of a few seconds or minutes of thought… or the delete key….or the ability to be in control of your words so much…
    also, such funny, amazing stuff is the convo with the chatterbot…

    oh yeah… how are you?


  2. Mh. I must think about it.

  3. i didn’t mean i was ASKING to talk to you.. but more that it would be interesting based on what you type…
    i think you may have taken it wrong..

  4. i sort of thought that’s what you meant at first… and then i questioned whether you were that witty..lol.. what was i thinking.

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