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A Dialogue with Narcissus

Sometimes you can speak only with yourself. It happens when you lose interest in all the others.

When everything around you is undervalued, it is only then that you can successfully reassess yourself. Only when what surrounds you is non-existent, or conquered, or admiring, you can feel you really are something, you exist, you have a presence, your feet leave footprints, your speeches are listened to. The rest of the time, you disappear. It’s a fixed ratio: estimate of you means underestimate of everything around you, and vice versa.

And what about the others? You need them exceedingly. Without them you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. And who is to admire you, in any case? But then, it is not really them you see. Nope. You only see yourself.

What was it that Berkeley used to say? “To be is to be perceived”? He was wrong. To be is – to be admired.

A dialogue with Narcissus

A sincere thank you for giving me the opportunity to see this.

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