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Status symbol /Facebook invective/

h 7.30pm – is cooking
h 9.30pm – is eating
h 11.30pm – is taking a leak
h 00.15am – is getting laid
h 0.17am – Good night, world!
h 8.00am – Good morning, world!
h 9.00am – is having breakfast
h 11.00am – is working – what a pain in the ass!
h 12.00am – is going out to buy a sandwich
h 1.30pm – is eating the sandwich

Barbarella: Bon Appétit!

Dick: damn, me not yet! 🙁

Goofy: Hey, you’re really cute!

h 5.00pm – Ready to run, hooray! LOL!
h 8.00pm – is leaving tomorrow, byeeeee xxxxx

Barefoot in the garden

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