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urban decay, ancient and modern

Rome, Pietralata

Naples, Quartieri

Ideas for a horror movie - Rome, Pigneto
Rome, Pigneto

Sofia by Pitt
Sofia, Bulgaria

Pigneto landscapes
Rome, Pigneto

Sofia landscapes
Sofia, Bulgaria

Somewhere Budapest

Budapest, Szimpla

9 comments on “urban decay, ancient and modern

  1. woahhhhhh that last shot is awesome!

    hope you are well


  2. i love the wild growth on the balcony in the next to last shot…

  3. but the last pic is my fav……..

    and i hope all is well with you


  4. Fucking masterpieces U_U

  5. I eventually found out that #4 is actually yours πŸ˜› hope you don’t mind!

  6. haha…this Chup chups building is quite famous i guess…there i must be seeing some kind of beauty behind all this decay that i can’t help myself …it’s the same old scene but hey still beautiful.

  7. Cybel, I guess it is – I’ve found out that I had taken pictures of it years ago. Have you ever seen it?
    Decadence has its own fascination – obscene and ancient.

  8. Yep, i’ve seen it since it’s in my neighbourhood πŸ˜›
    This picture is from years ago? it hasn’t changed much then. I’ve taken it’s picture, too, though not very artistic. Sartre claims that no two persons are the same; every human being is unique: (s)he is what (s)he makes of herself and that there is no common human nature combining us all; no universal truths. The thing is i doubt that at times like that. When i looked at that building i could almost feel all those looks and feelings of people paying attention wrapped around it, holding it erect against the erosion of time and i thought if it could evoke such feelings in me then it must have done that many times before me. And now i see that it is true.

  9. Wow, that’s great! A moment of being.
    It’s also my step-father’s neighbourhood. The picture’s from Autumn 2009, actually, so you see it’s pretty recent. Erosion seems to last particularly long in Bulgaria… there are buildings that have been looking exactly like that since I was a kid.

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