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Web 2.0 issues and solutions

The amount of  favourited stuff in all my accounts and browsers is becoming alarming. So is my daily web presence: I have a website, a blog, a flickr account, a deviant art account, a last.fm account, a facebook account, and so on. My myspace account has been dead for more than a year, now, and some time ago I’ve started exercising a new daily activity: facebook-friend-requests-refusal (if I’ve refused you, please don’t feel offended: it’s just that I find it hard to feel an interest  in the affairs of people I’ve never met before; I’d love to say this in a way that doesn’t ring snobbish, but can’t find a proper one, sorry).

So why not… open another web 2.0 account, freeing my blog and other accounts from quotes, links and inspirational stuff and transferring them all in a more appropriate container: tumblr?

I know that all this belongs to the usual, anal obsession with order. Bear with me.

Please have a look at my favourite things: vladina.tumblr.com

Dreaming about a revolution

I’ve just read a fantastic, wonderful description of Tumblr: “a quick and dirty stream of consciousness”. Love it.

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