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“Thoughts black, hands apt, drugs fit, and time agreeing”

My website and blog are up and running again, after three nights of hysterical stumbles and problem creating and solving (slings and arrows). The old, whitish version lasted but a year (‘Tis brief, my lord.), but I have to admit I like my new, Hamlet-like inky cloak much better.

A few practical pieces of advice (or reminders for myself: My tables, – meet it is I set it down!): never again register PHP – MySql hosting solutions with Aruba. And, if you absolutely have to, don’t ever, ever use Windows hosting. I know, it used to be the least expensive hosting server at the beginning, making you a king of infinite space, whereas the others used to give you just 5 MB at 40 euros. But this goodly frame, the earth is turning, after all, and things are evolving, and you don’t really need to stick to old habits, you know?

For three nights, I’ve felt like a mouse trapped in a labyrinth, with the Aruba CEO and complete executive board watching me from the other side of a protective glass and celebrating with a toast at themselves each time I found myself tearing my clothes off in a fit of rage after I had entered the dead lane labeled 500: Internal Server Error.
“What do you call the play? – The Mouse-Trap.”

But you know what? I’ve made it! So tonight I’ll finally be able To sleep: perchance to dream.

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  1. That’s really tkhniing out of the box. Thanks!

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