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Idle short random and fast, part III (Birth of the T-Shirt Philosophy)

I feel too verbose for a tweet, too brief for a post, too universal for a status update, too abstract for a pic. A lucky thing I’ve set up a category for that sort of thing.

Here’s some sweet wisdom from the past few weeks (some of it would look great on a t-shirt):

1)      Each summer, kitchen sinks get irreparably clogged, folks more aggressive, drivers more absent-minded.

2)      A jerk can punch your tyre better than a nail.

3)      It’s financial statements time. Shit.

4)      For almost a month, every morning I used to wake up in a state of emotional emergency. As if each day I was placing a bet with the rest of my life at stake.

5)      A friend told me a month ago “Making a scene is not like imposing a limit. A scene is acceptable, even gratifying. A limit is bound to be crushed, and this is unavoidable”.

6)      Your bad dreams can be even more scary for people around you.

7)      You can dream episodically.  It can last for years. In my dreams, there’ve been wolves and Alsatians and old and new cars, in a curious evolution of happier endings.

8)      Uno, Nessuno e Centomila: on the same day, you can hear yourself described in as many ways as there are people around you, without the slightest responsibility about it on your part. “You look pale and shabby today, are you sick?” asks the kicking, squealing, Gucci little piggy. “You’re radiant, are you pregnant?” asks the neo-mom. “High heels destroy your spinal bone” declares a spiteful hobbit. “She’s either stupid, or vile” explains some envious bitch. “You’re bizarre” says your father when you say things he doesn’t agree with. “You’re a real artist” declares that chap that’s been trying to screw you for ages. “She’s a narcissistic amateur”, says the same blockhead when he first gets the clue that there’s no way he can catch a glimpse of your underwear except for when you hang it to dry out of the bathroom window.

9)      At 30, you should still climb the staircase two steps at a time.

10)   Unrequited love is for chumps.

11)   You can wish to be important for somebody, but there’s absolutely no point in pleading for it.

12)   Intimacy doesn’t scale.

13)   People should be taught courses about expressing care (if they can feel it): this could save us from a massive amount of energy wasted because of misunderstandings, misdirected feelings or activities, or wrong guesses. It should also spare us tons of bad literature and music.

14)   Approximation and generalization can save your life.

15)   If you’re excessively grateful, you’re screwed.

I need rest

2 comments on “Idle short random and fast, part III (Birth of the T-Shirt Philosophy)

  1. love the way you look at things.

  2. Mumble *shock*

    You‘ve been a source of inspiration for me in the past… dunno, 2 or 3 years?

    Uhm, sorry, I can’t talk to you right now. I’m catching up on your tweets.

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