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Roadtrip 2010

I was planning a visit to at least two Scandinavian countries this year. But, as I’ve said before, in July I found out I was to pay taxes for 20.000 Euro for the rest of the year, and all the other wishes became secondary: Sven and Ole, Danish hygge, slave flash units and prime wide-angle lenses have been temporarily put on standby, and we were forced to choose the much more affordable Prague, with a visit to Budapest, where we spent a couple of weeks as 30-year-old foodies: appropriate, well-covered, with a GPS, a flight insurance, extra luggage, extra leg space, extra hotel complaints and everything else.

Here’s our (updated) 2010 Roadtrip, hope you enjoy it!

Roadtrip 2010 – Updated (w. video) from Daniela Vladimirova on Vimeo.


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