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high profile

High profile

OK, I’ve written it, so why not share this tiny silly pastime 😀

High Profile

Capture a screen-shot of your Facebook profile (if you have Win – CTRL + Stamp or ALT + Stamp while viewing the profile).

Paste it in Photoshop (File > New > leave all the settings as they are, click OK and then press CTRL + V on your keyboard).

Draw colourful rectangles to match perfectly the last 5 pictures in which you were tagged.

Draw a bigger one, which will cover your profile picture, and expand it in the lower part.

Find a big enough pic which would make sense (I’m a chronic Narcissus, but you could use another idea – a smiling picture of you and 5 inconsolable images of your last boyfriends; a picture of you followed by 5 ducks; etc) and paste it into Photoshop. For convenience’s sake, will call it MotherPic.

Now, in the levels palette on the right, select the level of your MotherPic you’ve just pasted and move it under the levels of the rectangles.

Select the level of the first rectangle from the right, press CTRL on your keyboard and click on the level preview (instead of the mouse cursor, you should see a small hand with a square). After you click, you’ll see a dotted frame around the portion of image you wish to copy.

Without pressing anything else, select the level of the MotherPic and press CTRL + C.

Go to File > New, leave all the options unedited, click OK and then press CTRL + V. The portion of picture will be pasted in the new file. Save the file as a JPEG and call it “1“. Do the same with all the other rectangles, naming the files “2“, “3“, “4” and so on. At the end, you should have 6 files – small ones from 1 to 5 and a bigger one called 6.jpg.

Now go to Facebook and upload images in the same order in your profile pics, from 1 to 6. Go back to picture 1 (the last one in the group in your profile pics) and tag it with your name. Then go to number 2 (click on Previous in the Profile Pics album), and so on till number 5 (obviously, don’t tag the last pic).

There you go 😀

4 comments on “High profile

  1. Cool effect but the the worst instructions EVER!

  2. Well, that’s just how I did it. I’m not a PS guru so surely there are better ways to achieve this effect. Please feel free to suggest any improvements. Or dissolve! 😀 😀 😀

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