Let’s celebrate now all this flesh on our bones – Björk and I

We have been friends for more than 15 years. I was casually scrolling through my pics when I realized how much of her music is into them (and into my dreams, thoughts and way of thinking). Or maybe it’s the other way round – I revel in Björk’s music because of its intimate closeness to my own temperament.

Anyway, I’ve put some of the pics together in a set. I’m sure there’s more – it’s only that I don’t remember right now. I can safely say that from Violently Happy to Jòga to Wanderlust, there’s a bit of each Björk song implanted somewhere in my stomach.

A tree that grows hearts Unravel Roots Game we're playing is life a present Venus as a boy

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Sono nata in Bulgaria e sono cresciuta in Italia. Mi occupo di traduzioni e revisioni creative, pignole e attente alla qualità per importanti clienti internazionali. Vivo in Olanda con il caro D. Lavoro con l’inglese, l’italiano, occasionalmente con il bulgaro.

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