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I know…

That I had promised a new post each Friday.

That I was supposed to think creatively for an entire week and produce something – anything – by the end of it.

That a deadline is the greatest of all stimuli.

But I was on holiday in Livigno, busy breaking my neck on the slopes. Usually, when I go snowboarding, I come back with either an acute gastroenteritis or hives or water bubbles on my eyelids, but this time I have none of them, so I’ve taken pics and will soon create the inevitable, ineluctable holiday reel.

Summing up last week: I’m the ugliest and most unkempt gal that ever rode a snowboard on the Alps. I’m taller than all snowboarding teachers (believe me, I have three years’ worth of experience, now). I’m terrible at all sports, but especially at those that require the coordination of all my limbs to attain a minimum of balance. My sense of humour lessens with the growth of my ass. All skiers are suckers.

Hopefully, I’ll recover from all bruises and fuddles by next Friday. In the meanwhile, I have to catch up with all the Sundance and Oscar movies, and study some video editing software for a change. Oh yeah, and maybe work a bit, too 😉

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