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Idle, short, random and fast, part IV (Addenda to Murphy’s Law)

Passive-aggressive persons dwell in wallows of self-pity and seek for undeserved attention.

This is a passive-aggressive note. You know what it means? That I’m talking to you. Yes, you!

It’s always raining when you run out of fuel on the highway.

On marketing: The more they’re focusing on you and your looks, the more they’re trying to sell you expensive shit.

It’s great to be paid for stuff like this this: “Forget flowers. In Victorian England, pubic hair was exchanged among lovers as gifts of affection.”

New Philips corporate style. I’ve never thought that one day I’d be translating the sentence “Is your tiger lost in the jungle? Yep: It’s time to trim”.

Corollary of the HD era: the faster the network, the bigger the files.

When you lose something, it always turns out that it was in the first place you looked. Alternatively: in the drawer/on your desk/in your pocket.

To get a loan, you have to prove you don’t need it.

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