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Concentrate! Concentrate!

My Friday blogging is being prevented by having been sick all week – from Tuesday till yesterday, I’ve spent my hours catching butterflies and being distracted by almost anything.

What? Concentration? What are you talking about?

It happens when you don’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep for almost a week because as soon as I put my head on the pillow I was attacked by a killer cough, and no syrup or anti-inflammatory pill could make it desist. I can’t sleep while standing, unfortunately. But at least I got three stars in each level of Angry Birds.

So, all work must be done on this antibiotic-ridden day. While I’m here, working my ass off, I’m also listening to some music and TED Talks. And I happened upon this one, which was really hilarious and lovely and which I’ll use to distract you while I finish doing a couple of things. It speaks about something I’ve always felt intuitively, transplanted from a highly regulated and disciplined education system in communist Bulgaria (we were 40 seven-year-olds, in first grade, and you could hear a pin drop) to the complete anarchy of junior high school in Italy: that too much discipline and regulation curb your creativity.

Enjoy it!

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