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Idle, short, random and fast, part VI.

[I’m almost 32 and here’s some of my Friday twitter wisdom for you, kids.]

If you’re a man and you fantasize about succumbing to the plunging v-neck shirt, please shave your chest for the love of all that is holy.

Every morning I wake up terrified that I might have forgotten all my passwords.

There’s an approximate range of four degrees C within which Italian people stop complaining about the weather and can occupy their heads with other things.

As a grown up, I should have become an IT_CH > IT translator.

Bands and artists incorporate chat client sounds in their tunes just to make you mad.

Part of Adele’s huge success is due to the fact that she always shows up first in iPods.

Being from Eastern Europe apparently entails a few milestones: at some point, I’ll grow tits and long blonde hair overnight; after menopause, I’ll start wearing a dead bird on the head and will tend to call it a hairstyle. You can put me in a home, at that point.

My greatest sex toy for 2011 is the vocoder.

Anything with Ryan Gosling in it tends to become my favourite movie of all time.

I definitely should find time to exercise the Darth Vader manoeuvre. That thing with the Force-choking.

At some point of my education, my parents must have decided that I didn’t need any instructions about domestic organization and financial management, because I’d definitely have a secretary as a grown up.

When your accountant’s emails start having red, font-size-15 headers, you should start worrying.

Don’t stupid product warnings make you wish to disobey them?

You can spare yourself watching Tron Legacy: the bit with Daft Punk playing Derezzed in the club is on YouTube.

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