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Something Wonderful is about to Happy

Let me tell you something:
1. Being in a bad mood doesn’t mean that you’re unhappy.
2. Being sad doesn’t mean that you’re unhappy.
3. Feeling lonely doesn’t mean that you’re unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I’ve suddenly turned into a self-help book.
It’s just that the sooner you understand that happy is not synonymous with cheerful the better. It’s a very common yet lethal misunderstanding. To be happy, you have to learn how to balance your emotions. This is what your priest, philosopher or therapist will help you discover at a certain point. It means that you know when you’re sad, angry, elated, content, cranky, grumpy, thrilled, merry and so on, and you’re able to express it. Shit happens, you know? You must not pretend that it doesn’t make you blue or pissed off.

That said, if you’re miserable or a bit down and you’ve told me about it, chances are I’ve sent you one, or even all of the following links.
I’m pasting them here for convenience’s sake.

1. Singing hot dogs, pogo pineapples and Get Naked!
2. Bull frog
3. This sucks!
4. Life in 64 easy steps
5. The Sign
6. Something Wonderful is About to Happy – Most Popular Engrish (please read comments too).
7. Mind Powers
8. Morning Potency

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