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Then suddenly, my body

I’ve always thought that I’m simply narcissistic, until I committed myself to a weekly themed photo. I’m not the most punctual of creatures and didn’t shoot all 52 pictures, but the whole experience helped me see many things about my imagination. For example: it’s not that I simply like taking pictures of myself; to express a theme, the easiest thing for me is to use my body, or somebody else’s. Just like with language. I try to enact it. Whose body I use is not so important: of course, my choice tends to include people I’m quite familiar with, or, let’s say, people I’m not too ashamed to ask to sit or stand somewhere, half naked and uncomfortable, for an hour or so, until I get the light right.

There are parts of the body (mine, or other people’s, as in this case) which are particularly useful when trying to convey a feeling. Feelings are usually disturbed by eyes and mouths (sometimes eyes can go away altogether). Eyes and mouths are too practical, too concrete. They catch all the attention and need to be cut out of the frame, averted or hidden. Everything happens somewhere around the neck, the chest or the belly. Clothes and other objects can hide feelings away.

To sum it all up, abstract concepts often require silence, secrets, hiding things, and shutting up.
Something like this.

Shut Up!

EDIT: There’s one more pic I kinda like. There you go.
Shut Up, take 2

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