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All made up

As usual, around my birthday I get caught in a digital frenzy: I reinstall all my operating systems on mobile, laptop and desktop and I redesign my website. I’ll never be content with the way it looks for long, I’m afraid. It grows old in a year and as time passes I develop severe allergies to its looks. Check it out! It may still have a few minor glitches here and there, as I’ve written it from scratch (yeah, I know… don’t say anything about it). It won’t work good with Internet Explorer: all rounded corners will appear as squares. But that’s your problem. Plus, judging from my stats, less than 5% of you visit it from screen resolutions which are lower than 1024×768, therefore I’ve decided that the rest of us is not going to suffer from the fact that you’re checking it out on your mobile while in the toilet: the bigger your screen, the better it looks. Take care 🙂

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