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Smaller than life

Like for world economy, our lives can be represented on a Cartesian plane. At times the line goes up, at times it goes down.
For those times of decrease, it would be nice to have some of those mushrooms and bottles you find in Alice in Wonderland.

This week’s theme was Decrease, and here’s my pic.


For next week, the Oracle said 22: Grace.

4 comments on “Smaller than life

  1. I. Like.
    Great picture. Wouldn’t mind a little poster of it. Love the quiet threatening of guy behind, the complete attractiveness of the liquid and the ominous taxing sticker which implies you will be giving the government money if you drink, but isn’t it tasty and ever so tempting. I like.

  2. It is. I didn’t even check what that liquor is, as a matter of fact =)

    (Here’s the big version: http://bit.ly/zhYgGz – download it, print it, do whatever you wish)

  3. What if I become a giant? 😀

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