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Stuff I forgot

I had learnt a lot of good things I could do with my days.
I had learnt how to set myself free from overload.
I had learnt where my own mind space was.
I had learnt how to take care of myself.
I had learnt how to be lazy and self indulgent.

And now? Now it seems like I’ve forgotten all about it, and – as usual – it’s definitely no good. I’m at a loss. In the middle of all this tax-paying and saving and working and respecting and waiting and being patient, where did all the fun go?
I’ll have to go back to my lists.

Resolution #1: re-establish the Friday post.
Resolution #2: re-establish the weekly pic. I have my copy of I Ching here and they’ve just said “41. Decrease“. Let’s say: a week to think about this and take a pic, like in the good old times of the GSFP. (You can follow along if you want!)
Resolution #3 … get a fucking grip!

The Loop

(Tonight, I dreamed I was hungry and craving for a cream pie that was in my old fridge, the one I threw away last week. But it was expired and I let it drop on the floor and said to D. “Let’s not eat this! We’ll go away and buy stuff and bake a pie in our new home!”. So, apparently my subconscious was working for me in the background already with its own resolutions.)

3 comments on “Stuff I forgot

  1. 🙂 :*

  2. I like the Friday post idea, go for it! And love the pic, LOL. It ought to become a meme.

  3. Thank you for your support, ladies 😀

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