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4. Breakthrough (Resoluteness)

43 is a number of I Ching that keeps showing up. I’ve grown so used to it that I’ve started applying it liberally to any question or concern about my life. It’s one of the endless variations on the theme Γνῶθι σαυτόν. Try it yourself, it answers just any fucking question. For example:

1) Should I tell that chap that I like him?
2) How to deal with my crazy ex puncturing my tires at night?
3) I feel stressed and worried, how to get out of the puddle?
4) Jealousy is driving me mad, how should I put that little slut into her place?
5) What time is it?

Each time I see it I exclaim, eyes-wide-open, “You see? I Ching are speaking directly to me, I Ching… know!” (As you can imagine, I don’t look up I Ching every day but only when some pressing matter makes me lie awake at night, and obviously times like these involve a certain Search for Higher Meaning.) Oh come on! It’s an innocent pastime: yin and yang are perfectly balanced and cannot harm you. You’ll go on seeing in them what makes you feel better and every once in a while will feel comforted in a consolatory and superficial way, like those people who buy Bach flowers and read zen books written by celebrities.


1. (military) An advance through and past enemy lines (or vice versa).
2. Any major progress; such as a great innovation or discovery that overcomes a significant obstacle.
3. (sports) The penetration of the opposition defense

For the time being, this sort of concept is only a mantra or wishful thinking. I’m currently more or less an old crock and resemble the comic relief characters of old plays like Le Malade imaginaire. Which is some sort of absolute minimum, and a good start for times of Great Resoluteness.


PS: next week i Ching said 31: influence, which is a really sexy hexagram if you ask me.

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