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In march, that madman, Matteo Grandi, invited me to Perugia to take a few Green pics for the April issue of Piacere Magazine. Do you want to see the online magazine? It’s here.

It involved a great amount of walking between the editorial office and the Parco di Porta S. Angelo, some getting lost, getting found and the Minimetrò, and time passed by chatting pleasantly with the disillusioned people from Perugia and my beautiful first official model, Krystiana.

Madre Natura Madre Natura Madre natura Madre Natura

2 comments on “Perugia

  1. Love this set. The last one with her holding her “knees” I had to look at twice, and then the first one with the moss. I wondered how you did it but I don’t really want to know, I prefer to think of it as simply “natural”. Cool 🙂

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