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You were born in a three-floor house with a view on an entire valley, and all the houses around it, filled with your nursemaids and their nursemaids, were yours. You could choose in which garden to host your friends for your birthday parties. The centuries are carved in stone in your architraves, you have your conversation, your embroidered tablecloths, millions of rules and first and second and third and fourth courses. You used to take your friends to see the graffiti the nazis drew in your sitting room, at the time of the occupation. And you love thinking and sleeping it off.
I’m an immigrant, I come from the second world. I’ve changed countries cities and homes like you’ve changed a pair of shoes and my genealogy ends with my aunt (I haven’t heard from her for the past 15 years). I don’t hesitate, I don’t save. And let me say this: upon our setting up our home, in this tiny rented flat in the middle of nowhere, it’s a miracle if one of us didn’t get killed.


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