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Double exposure with cactus

Thank you, Canon, for removing the double exposure feature from most EOS cameras, saving it only for the two top models of the range. No, really. Now that I wanted to check out straight, unprocessed photography.

I didn’t want to reach heights as these:

*** by W1nD ♥ (W1nD)) on 500px.com
*** by W1nD ♥

Dan Mountford

Sarah K Byrne

Double Exposure by Calvin Merry (Calvin_Merry)) on 500px.com
Double Exposure by Calvin Merry



I would have made more commonplace stuff do. But instead I had to go Photoshop for days. Literally. Without even feeling happy about it.
This is me cross-bred with la Zia Rob’s cactus.

Double exposure with cactus

EDIT: These! These ones by Aneta Ivanova are just awesome!

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