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Translator’s Note

I’ve been collecting drafts and post-it notes on a theoretical Definitive Post on Translation for years. Just open any notebook on my shelf and you’ll find illuminated translation bollocks of all kinds. Apparently they seemed pure genius to me at the time – vital information which, if withheld, would have meant the inexorable implosion of the universe I inhabit, professionally speaking. And each time I force myself to sit down and write it, I only keep adding more and more stuff to my plate. Until I finally got it: stuff I’ve been munching for years is just too much for a single post. And that’s how my life as a freelance translator has become a diary – an august addition to our lives, of which there was a dire need. If I must justify such crime (contributing even a single word to the informational bedlam we live in), I can say in my defense that I’d be actually speaking of the only thing I know how to do well.

There’s people animated by the precious vocation of generously sharing tutorials, insights and how-tos about their profession for the benefit of noobs, fans or wannabes (and here our thoughts immediately soar to the bright examples of  Lisa Eldridge, Scott Kelby, David Hobby, just to name a few of them).

And then there’s me… So, while spending Christmas in Naples with half of D’s family, I migrated all previous Vladineries to this platform (the new address is en.vladinerie.it) and transfored the old WordPress site with WPML in a multisite with two languages. (Side note: changing the language management method and switching to multisite with hundreds of posts in WordPress is a bloody nightmare! It’s as if I’ve spent my precious free time trying to stroke a wild raccoon.) danielavladimirova.com Now it’s ready, it’s in two languages, and it’s here to stay. Ladies and gents, I give you danielavladimirova.com – hurry up and read my first blahblahs while I’m trying to get the hang of it: localisation for dummies.

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