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D in the Keraton resort, Kuta

Two Years

It’s what it almost took us to produce what you’re going to see: a less-than-5-minute vid that recounts the first part of our trip to Indonesia.

The delivery of our clips took quite some time, buried as they were on D’s Snow Leopard partition (which he starts only on that account). We had in fact recorded ten hours or so of Full HD stream which needed a serious shave.

At this stage, you can expect to see part two in 2016.

I have written a lot about this trip already (find it here, in Italian), so I don’t want to go on about it now. On seeing it again, I only wish to add the following points:

  • The camcorder is soiled with sunscreen. That thing’s smell is going to remind me of this trip, like, forever (and it was winter in Bali and we used to literally bathe in that sunscreen, but we were Rouge Dior all the same).
  • Note to self: I should remind myself and D to eat less before travelling. And to cut our hair. Otherwise this plump bear figure is going to stick for another year (or until new movies are made).
  • Honda probably sells Vario only in Indonesia.
  • The corn on the cob we ate at the beach (which almost cost me – as often happens in emerging economies – a hospital admission) is not hot but really spicy, like the whole of Indonesian cuisine.
  • In Indonesia they make spring rolls for family lunches.
  • Many Japanese tourists on the beach have this certain tendency to – how should we call them – clumsy behaviours. More than once I found myself questioning these people’s ability to survive in this world. (See 3:30.)
  • The “Secret Beach” sign is one of those self-defeating paradoxes, which we recorded to remember that ultimately Bali is a big subsidiary of Natives Inc.
  • I know I’ve already said this. But the Indian Ocean really scares the shit out of you.


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